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Colette Davenport, an authority on inner beauty for influential women, founded Divinity & Co. to provide luxury soul-liberating experiences for icons who feel trapped by their public image.

Imagine a deeper connection to your Higher Self that is soul satisfying and sustainable even in your high-profile lifestyle.

If you’ve been on a journey to find yourself, welcome home.

Awakening Redefined

Colette works with high profile women who have it all, but lack a sense of inner peace and true happiness. Often that manifests as disconnection in relationships, difficulties in business, or stress-related signs of aging.

The deeper theme Colette’s couture Metaphysical Makeover solves is disconnection with your Higher Self.

Metaphysical Makeover

Illuminate the ‘darkness’ you think is safely hidden so you can finally be who you truly are.

This divine activation is like finding a hidden treasure within, a relieving realization that you possess a unique connection to something greater than yourself. It's a deep sense of awe, empowerment, and interconnectedness with the universe.

Inner Peace

About midway through your Metaphysical Makeover a sense of inner peace sets in.

It’s as if all the pieces of your existence suddenly click into place and reveal the profound purpose and significance to your entire life and your whole being.

Soon after, you’ll notice people are responding with admiration, respect, and inspiration. Because your presence radiates a sense of calm, wisdom, and authenticity, people will once again be drawn toward your magnetic energy.

Calm Clarity

Imagine being enveloped in a calm state of mind, where worries melt away, replaced by contentment and harmony within yourself.

External chaos may still exist, but internally, there's a tranquil oasis where you feel grounded, balanced, and at ease.

And the best part is, this inner calm remains intact even when you step back into your world.

Inner Beauty

Inner beauty is the result of self- realization.

In my world that means knowing, loving, and expressing your true self. The number one problem I’ve seen working intimately with clients for 25 years is you don’t know your true self, your divinity.

Divine Activations

The Makeover

In one day, you will see your true self and live as her from that moment forward.

Your makeover begins with a conversation to “diagnose” your ego’s filtering mechanism, known as your soul wound. Your unique spiritual “wound” is the source of all your struggles as a human being. It is necessary, but it distorts reality. Once we shine the light of awareness on it, it can no longer lurk in the shadows sabotaging your peace and happiness.

The Journey

This is a 12 week program that gives you the deeper understanding you need to fully integrate your true self.

We investigate the symbolism of the 12 disciples, each representing a quality of ego that must be integrated in order to experience true freedom and fulfillment. We honor your body as the divine map, each pain point is a pin drop with a specific story to tell you. As these stories reveal their messages, the full picture develops as you awaken dormant aspects of yourself along the way.

The Retreat

Indulge in a bespoke 3 day immersion that reveals your true self so you can start living your liberated life and share the story of your divinity.

This is a sacred experience that consists of three phases: death, burial, and rebirth. While this sounds daunting, it’s my area of expertise and we approach the process with great care.

If you need rapid revelation and deep restoration, The Retreat is custom designed with you mind.

Discover Your Divinity

As influential women, we are reclaiming our inherent power and leadership roles. But we’ve been unconsciously conditioned for generations to present a ‘proper persona’ and we think that’s who we are. We place our value on that persona, improving it, promoting it, fighting with it, and we never truly realize our inner beauty is our greatest power.

I’ve assimilated everything I’ve learned from client work and my study of ancient wisdom traditions, paired with the direct divine guidance I receive, to offer you the world’s only couture Metaphysical Makeover that activates your divinity and liberates your soul.

My Story

I created this experience because I once needed it. Desperately.

In my 30’s, my self-image was destroyed by a visible brain stem tumor. That health crisis initiated a journey inward where I discovered my true self, found the love I was longing for, and eventually became the authority on inner beauty.

My Metaphysical Makeover was forged in the fire of quiet despair. On the surface, everything appeared great, but inwardly I was disgusted with the reflection in the mirror.

Pursuing alternative therapies, I set out to fix what was wrong with my body but I learned there’s a soul-level mechanism that leads to physical conditions. I then devoured all the spiritual and mystical teachings I could find, from Tantric philosophy to Christian Mysticism to Chinese energy medicine.

Because I was approaching these with a belief that I needed to heal myself, none were effective.

After years of trying everything and failing to fix the issue (and improve my appearance), the only thing left for me to do was give up and accept the woman in the mirror.

With no hope left, the tears flooded my eyes and blurred my vision. And that is when I saw myself clearly for the first time. God was staring back at me. It was like a big warm blanket of unconditional love swaddled me. I felt my whole being relax into a deep sense of peace and understanding.

I was completely in awe of the woman in the mirror. I knew I had to honor this transcendent experience and live AS my divine self from that moment forward.

As my career took off and I became a woman of influence, I recognized how critical inner peace is.

It serves as a foundation for our strength, resilience, and ability to lead effectively. When we cultivate inner peace, we can navigate challenges with grace, make decisions from a place of clarity, and inspire others through our calm demeanor and unwavering confidence.

When you embody your divinity, you organically have a transformative impact, creating a ripple effect of positivity, empowerment, and love in the world, leaving a lasting legacy of inspiration and hope.

I believe it’s our time to awaken fully and take the lead.

But we cannot do that effectively if we are denying any part of our divine being.

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