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Ideal Candidates

Colette’s clients are savvy, ultra successful, and have done a lot of work on themselves.

They want to experience true love, lasting happiness, and soul-level fulfillment…and they want to have a lot of fun doing it.

However, they usually haven’t done a good job of reconciling personal desire with their soul’s desire. So their results have been limited.

They want a coach who is open and brutally honest. Someone without an agenda who can also guide them spiritually.

If that sounds familiar, you are a great candidate for private coaching.

CEO Searching for a Soulmate

These are clients who are extremely successful, but they’ve never tapped into their full power.

When it comes to being available for love, they’ve cleared their blocks, but they haven’t yet discovered their divinity.

Which, if we’re talking real deal soulmate love, that’s what’s needed.

They have a hard time imagining a metaphysical model for love…until they sense the divine purpose of their soul’s desire for a true partner.

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Celebrity in a Mid-Life Crisis

These are clients who have lived their lives in the limelight, but now they're in the darker phase of their journey and they don't know how to navigate it.

They know they are evolving, and deep down want the inner peace they’re being forced to find, but on the surface it’s just pure chaos and coping. There’s an almost unimaginable conflict inside that can tear them down if they don’t get control.

Often, therapy and psychedelics are not cutting it. And they don’t know where to turn.

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Millionaire Seeking Meaning

These are the clients who have it all but are not fulfilled and are sick of the superficial pursuits.

They are at the stage of life where meaning, purpose and legacy are of great interest. They are creating funds and foundations to make the world a better place but they need a unique form of guidance they can’t get from executive strategists.

They want to be a living demonstration of their soul’s purpose, not just have it be honored posthumously.

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Discover your Divinity.

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